Dealing with Runner’s Toe

19/Sep/2016 by Almawi Clinic

If you are a serious runner, or participate in any number of sports where you are either running, or constantly in a “stop-start” motion with […]

Why Does My Big Toe Pain?

12/Sep/2016 by Almawi Clinic

Our feet are complex structures comprising numerous bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. As the primary structure necessary for push-off during normal gait, the hallux, […]

Dealing with Oedema (Swelling)

5/Sep/2016 by Almawi Clinic

There are a number of patients who come in with swollen feet as one of their problems. However, an encounter with a family friend who […]

The Dangers of Deep Vein Thrombosis

29/Aug/2016 by Almawi Clinic

Within recent times there has been a few patients I’ve seen with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Additionally, I have a pregnant friend with a clot […]

Varied Toenail Fungi

22/Aug/2016 by Almawi Clinic

I saw a patient quite recently and an interesting conversation developed. She highlighted that her reason for seeking a podiatrist’s consultation was due to her […]

Arthritis Watch

15/Aug/2016 by Almawi Clinic

As you age, arthritis is one of those things that you can expect could come on. Arthritis is the inflammation and swelling of the lining […]

Treating Football Injuries

8/Aug/2016 by Almawi Clinic

PART 11 Football injuries are so common, that players may be out for as little as one game, or for an entire season. Alternatively, they […]

Treating Football Injuries

1/Aug/2016 by Almawi Clinic

PART 1 A player limping off the field with an injury is a common scene at football games. Typically, it is painful, often swollen, and […]

Shoes that aren’t good for your feet

25/Jul/2016 by Almawi Clinic

There are diverse types of shoes, and some can cause and aggravate various foot and ankle problems. Repeatedly, patients present with various foot problems, that […]

Knee Injuries

18/Jul/2016 by Almawi Clinic

As a continuation of last week’s article, today the focus is on knee injuries, some common, and not so common, injuries of this vulnerable joint. […]