Dealing With Arthritis In The Knee

11/Jul/2016 by Almawi Clinic

The knee is the joint where the bones of the lower and upper legs meet. The largest joint in the body, the knee moves like […]

What is Onychophosis?

4/Jul/2016 by Almawi Clinic

It is a local or spread out thickening of the outer layer of skin that builds up on the side or central nail folds, within […]

What is a Digital Myxoid Cyst?

27/Jun/2016 by Almawi Clinic

Also known as¬†amucous cyst, a digital myxoid cyst is an entirely benign, non-cancerous swelling that usually occurs at the base of the nail, on the […]

What is Morton’s Toe?

24/Jun/2016 by Almawi Clinic

Lots of people think they have a weird foot, because it looks like the second toe is longer than the big toe. It is actually […]

Do You Have Painful Calluses?

13/Jun/2016 by Almawi Clinic

Painful calluses (thickened skin), normally occur on areas of pressure associated with prominent bones. There are 4 types commonly seen: tylomas, intractable plantar keratosis (IPK), […]

Leg Length Discrepancy After Surgery

8/Jun/2016 by Almawi Clinic

A number of individuals have benefitted from joint replacement surgery. Generally, either a knee or hip joint that has been damaged via degenerative osteoarthritis, or […]

Do I have Varicose Eczema?

6/Jun/2016 by Almawi Clinic

What Is It? A client recently came to the clinic with this condition, but was not sure what the problem was. However, the level of […]

Strokes and My Feet

30/May/2016 by Almawi Clinic

In recognition of National Stroke Awareness Month, observed in May, this piece was done to aid persons with this problem. A stroke is a serious, […]

Treating With Proprioception and Balance

16/May/2016 by Almawi Clinic

Proprioception¬†is the sense of knowing where your body part is in space. This can be a difficult concept to grasp until you lose it, because […]

Adjusting To Your New Prosthetic Leg

8/May/2016 by Almawi Clinic

A close family friend indicated that she spoke with someone who recently got a prosthetic leg, and was taken aback at the challenges of adjusting. […]